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Dragon Ball Z Mugen Edition 2 is a fan game created by . Using the Mun game engine, he compiled characters and locations from old Dragon BAll Z games for a Mugen Convertion. Usually anime fighters are the bottom of the barrel in the genre. That may apply here as well.
With lifebars and backgrounds taken from old DBZ games, fans of the cartoon will love the look. Everything has the feel of Dragon Ball Z. Music and sound effectsreally remind you of the show. The only thing missing are the long, drawn out speaches between fights.

Just about every character that mattered in Dragon Ball Z is in this game. From Vegeta to Buu, and everyone in between. The creator didn’t try to include every character from every Dragon Ball series. Thats a good thing. It makes the game seem somewhat balanced.

Balenced untill you reach the final boss that is. Broli is just as overpowered in this Dragon Ball Z game as he was in the movie. I understand wanting to go for acuratcy, but it’s rediculas how much health he has. Heres a pro tip: Press F1 to kill the mofo’ instantly.

Don’t expect to have many interesting match ups. Most of the characters in this game play the same. Its like having a Street Fighter roster full of Ryu’s. They don’t differ enough to warrent someone playing as more than one character. PIck your favorite fighter from the show, and enjoy a brawl or three.

Controls are a major low point for this game. It plays exactally like the SNES and Genises games the sprites are from. If the creators used a new control sceme it may have turned out better. As it stands, this game really suffers from its source material.

While this is a great effort, I cannot recommend this game to non Dragon Ball Z fans. It is basically a recreation ofb a bad game. Those who are still crazy about the cartoon will get a kick out of it. Others will be annoyed by horrid control scheme, and lack of depth.


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