Dragon Ball Super – It’s Back!

Dragon Ball Super – The Return of the Greatest Show Ever!

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 – Resurrection F Saga

Dragon ball super has been the biggest series ever among all Dragon ball Series.  The series splits into six seasons each one of the different stories however all of them are related to each other. Its second episode: Resurrection has been appreciating by the audience as it is full of cool actions and its plot is way more interesting then the first season. So, let’s look at the story of second episode of Dragon Ball super.

Storyline of episode 2

After defeating Berrus, Goku return back to his ordinary lives. However, unaware with the fact the more has to come for him, Goku get busy spending his life likes a normal human being. On the other hand, Mr. Satan promoting himself as a champion of the previous tournament in which he defeated Berrus.  When the aliens heard this thing then they came on earth to thank Mr. Satan for saving their lives from the mighty Berrus. They want to give reward to him however they want Mr. Satan to first demonstrate their godlike powers. Well, MR. Satan knows that he will definitely lose the match and thus managed to convince Gout to fight in place of him. However, just before the fight, Goku Saw Chi – Chi which makes him to ran away from that place.  In that case, Mr. Satan has no choice other than confronting the alien by himself. Accidentally, Mr. Satan won the battle which makes him the hero and people start parsing it.

Goku met Krillin

Later on when Goku is resting oat the water fall, Krillin saw him and he was surprised with the fact that Goku is still on this planet earth.  When Goku tell Krillin that he is training with Master Roshi then Krillin become excited and asked Goku to punch him. On the other hand, Whis and Bulma are having food which was cooked by the Bulma chef. At the same time, Vegeta arrives who wishes to see Berrus however, Whis told him that he cannot see him plus introduced him as the martial art trainer of Berrus. After that, Whis, Vegeta and Bulma formed a team together and started training together. On the other hand, Bulma said to Goku that Vegeta is training with Whis which is shocking news for Goku. After that Goku want to become the Pupil of Whis and he accepted his plea.

Battle between Frieza and Goku

When Frieza want to revenge Goku then he asked Goku to fight with him. However, when they start fighting then Frieza starts losing his powers which make Goku to have control over him. Later in Goku become so powerful that he no attack of Frieza is enough to hurt him. After that, Goku tell Frieze to leave the place but at the same time, someone fired a shot at Goku’s chest and he fall down on the ground. However, Goku was protected by whis as they protected him throughout the fight while Frieza was fighting with Vegeta. After that, the whole Goku team went to the capsul and at the same time Picolo revived with the dragon balls. After that Gohan told Picolo that he wants to restart his training in order to save his loved ones. So, this is how the second episode of Dragon Ball super ends?

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