Dragon Ball Super – It’s Back!

Dragon Ball Super – The Return of the Greatest Show Ever!

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 – Resurrection F Saga

Dragon ball super has been the biggest series ever among all Dragon ball Series.  The series splits into six seasons each one of the different stories however all of them are related to each other. Its second episode: Resurrection has been appreciating by the audience as it is full of cool actions and its plot is way more interesting then the first season. So, let’s look at the story of second episode of Dragon Ball super.

Storyline of episode 2

After defeating Berrus, Goku return back to his ordinary lives. However, unaware with the fact the more has to come for him, Goku get busy spending his life likes a normal human being. On the other hand, Mr. Satan promoting himself as a champion of the previous tournament in which he defeated Berrus.  When the aliens heard this thing then they came on earth to thank Mr. Satan for saving their lives from the mighty Berrus. They want to give reward to him however they want Mr. Satan to first demonstrate their godlike powers. Well, MR. Satan knows that he will definitely lose the match and thus managed to convince Gout to fight in place of him. However, just before the fight, Goku Saw Chi – Chi which makes him to ran away from that place.  In that case, Mr. Satan has no choice other than confronting the alien by himself. Accidentally, Mr. Satan won the battle which makes him the hero and people start parsing it.

Goku met Krillin

Later on when Goku is resting oat the water fall, Krillin saw him and he was surprised with the fact that Goku is still on this planet earth.  When Goku tell Krillin that he is training with Master Roshi then Krillin become excited and asked Goku to punch him. On the other hand, Whis and Bulma are having food which was cooked by the Bulma chef. At the same time, Vegeta arrives who wishes to see Berrus however, Whis told him that he cannot see him plus introduced him as the martial art trainer of Berrus. After that, Whis, Vegeta and Bulma formed a team together and started training together. On the other hand, Bulma said to Goku that Vegeta is training with Whis which is shocking news for Goku. After that Goku want to become the Pupil of Whis and he accepted his plea.

Battle between Frieza and Goku

When Frieza want to revenge Goku then he asked Goku to fight with him. However, when they start fighting then Frieza starts losing his powers which make Goku to have control over him. Later in Goku become so powerful that he no attack of Frieza is enough to hurt him. After that, Goku tell Frieze to leave the place but at the same time, someone fired a shot at Goku’s chest and he fall down on the ground. However, Goku was protected by whis as they protected him throughout the fight while Frieza was fighting with Vegeta. After that, the whole Goku team went to the capsul and at the same time Picolo revived with the dragon balls. After that Gohan told Picolo that he wants to restart his training in order to save his loved ones. So, this is how the second episode of Dragon Ball super ends?

Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life In All Ways Possible

The reason I write on this blog is because there wasn’t a lot of fun in my childhood and I want to inspire kids to just be happy, I want to help kids grow up knowing what it’s like to be happy so that they strive to be whatever they want to be and know they they don’t need to be something fake for anybody else. Growing up one of the main things I loved was a show called Dragon Ball Z it always helped me feel happy when I was feeling down because it’s an overall joy to watch.

I had recently watched Dragon Ball Z again last winter, the entire series, to relive some childhood joy, and I was extremely intrigued by the portion (during the Trunks Saga) where there is time travel and how it seemed much more plausible than the previous attempts I’ve seen in films such as Back to the Future. I researched time travel a little and with a small joy discovered that time travel in classical physics where time is linear, a single stream (as it is in Back to the Future), has mostly been dropped as implausible while time travel in a quantum universe, where the world is made up of possibilities and is not confined to a single track of time (as it is in Dragon Ball Z), makes time travel much more plausible. Honestly, I am very skeptical about time travel and unless someone, someday, actually invents a time machine, I’m really not that interested, but I still found it interesting to note the differences between the two and, even more so, how they reflect two dynamically different personality types between the the two time travelers: Trunks from Dragon Ball Z and Marty McFly from Back to the Future.
Dragon Ball Z is not about time traveling, but, as mentioned, it has a small portion where a teenage boy, Trunks, travels back from a devastated future in order to the alter certain events. What is revealed is that Trunks is still bound to his original dimension. When he returns to the future, he will return to the same devastating future he has always known even after altering history. It won’t be entirely in vain though because when he alters history, another possible dimension, a new future, becomes actualized. So, in the end, while Trunks will not get to enjoy this peaceful future, he will still have peace of mind that while people in his dimension suffered, he created a new dimension with peace for the planet earth.

In Back to the Future, Marty has no grandiose mission. He travels back in time in order to escape some getting gun downed by… I don’t even remember and it isn’t important. Either way, Marty isn’t attempting to alter the past but the opposite, he only wishes to return to his original present without disrupting too much the flow of time. This is because in the Back to the Future albeit Western universe, there is only one possible reality, only one stream of time, and anything that disturbs the past affects that stream and alters the future. This makes time traveling a very precarious act. If Marty alters too much, he not only risks returning to an unfamiliar future but even risks disrupting the patterns that eventually lead to his birth, which, in this universe, leads to him ceasing to exist. [Quick note: There is an interesting similarity between Marty’s unstable existence, when he is vanishing, partially not existing, to Schrodinger’s cat in the box theory, but I’m not going to look into it any farther.]

Now, to quickly explain why Dragon Ball Z is more plausible is that it escapes many of the paradoxes of time travel that Back to the Future is ridden with. For instance, what happens when Marty meets himself; each time he travels, his actions become necessarily bound to time so that there will seemingly be multiple Martys (for each time he travels) forever trapped in automatic loops to continually create the future, which seemingly means that each event in time must continually “replay” itself for the world to exist; and so on. But, like I said earlier, time traveling in itself doesn’t interest me all that much, but it is interesting how these two modes of time-traveling express two very different modes of life.

In Dragon Ball Z, time traveling is very similar to the creative force of an artist who creates a fictional world or an alternate dimension of meaning in order to escape from his familiar reality. Trunks, in this sense, has an artistic-type personality, and his end all hope is absolutely similar in that he doesn’t actually create a new reality to live in, but only to have peace of mind in having created it. He is, in the end, still confined to his familiar reality, and he does not have any similar anxiety to Marty in that he doesn’t have to worry about irrevocably altering his familiar reality. He can create as many realities as he likes in this dimension that allows such artistic freedom.

The dimension of time for Marty, on the other hand, is filled with anxiety. He has an ethical responsibility to not alter the past as it could irrevocably alter the future, perhaps in terrible ways. Also, Marty is not coming from a disastrous future, or one that he’d like to escape from, but from a happy home in a familiar reality that he doesn’t want to lose. Marty does not live in the world of freedom to create meaning through artistic expression like Trunks. Marty is an everyday man, and he is seemingly incapable of accepting a new reality with a new dimension of meaning. For instance, it would be disastrous to Marty if he were to alter the world so that his parents were dead, or his love or the doc didn’t exist, etc. If anything were changed greatly enough, he would lose his familiar reality and his familiar dimension of meaning, rendering, for him, life more or less meaningless. This is the anxiety of someone who depends on familiarity and the people close to him to retain meaning in his existence.

So, in the end, while Dragon Ball Z does seem correspond to a more contemporary view of time, this doesn’t mean that a classical view of time is without its own mode of expression and thus has its worth in film. Again, Dragon Ball Z is the universe of the artist, the ability to create and actualize new dimensions while Back to the Future is the universe of the everyday person who is always holding on to his familiar reality and his familiar dimension of meaning. If someone were to want to create a story using time travel, I would definitely want them to consider these two different personality types or two different modes of expression. I’m only saying that because I think it’s likely that there are other variations of time travel that I’m unaware of and I’m certain that there are more variations that could be thought up for the use of expression in film. I’m not going to quote this because I have no idea where I read this line, but in some interview that is somewhere in existence, Quentin Tarrantino mentioned that if he were ever asked to do a time traveling movie, that he’d make it work. And that seems closer to the right attitude as Back to the Future and Dragon Ball Z aren’t scientific documents, obviously, but modes of expression themselves, and it is more important that storytelling adheres to human expression, emotion, movement, rhythm, etc. than to scientific fact.

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Dragon Ball Z Games

Dragon Ball Z Mugen Edition 2 is a fan game created by . Using the Mun game engine, he compiled characters and locations from old Dragon BAll Z games for a Mugen Convertion. Usually anime fighters are the bottom of the barrel in the genre. That may apply here as well.
With lifebars and backgrounds taken from old DBZ games, fans of the cartoon will love the look. Everything has the feel of Dragon Ball Z. Music and sound effectsreally remind you of the show. The only thing missing are the long, drawn out speaches between fights.

Just about every character that mattered in Dragon Ball Z is in this game. From Vegeta to Buu, and everyone in between. The creator didn’t try to include every character from every Dragon Ball series. Thats a good thing. It makes the game seem somewhat balanced.

Balenced untill you reach the final boss that is. Broli is just as overpowered in this Dragon Ball Z game as he was in the movie. I understand wanting to go for acuratcy, but it’s rediculas how much health he has. Heres a pro tip: Press F1 to kill the mofo’ instantly.

Don’t expect to have many interesting match ups. Most of the characters in this game play the same. Its like having a Street Fighter roster full of Ryu’s. They don’t differ enough to warrent someone playing as more than one character. PIck your favorite fighter from the show, and enjoy a brawl or three.

Controls are a major low point for this game. It plays exactally like the SNES and Genises games the sprites are from. If the creators used a new control sceme it may have turned out better. As it stands, this game really suffers from its source material.

While this is a great effort, I cannot recommend this game to non Dragon Ball Z fans. It is basically a recreation ofb a bad game. Those who are still crazy about the cartoon will get a kick out of it. Others will be annoyed by horrid control scheme, and lack of depth.


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